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The Conjuring haunted house sells for $1.5 million 27% above asking price

James Wans 2013 haunted house horror film The Conjuring is based on sales of $1.5 million 27% above the asking price from sellers.

The house on which The Conjuring is based sold for $1.5 million 27% above the sellers asking price. Warner Bros. had great success with James Wans The Conjuring universe releasing three main Conjuring films and spinoffs around Annabelle and the demon nun named Valek. Not all films were critical successes but all films earned the studio a significant profit. Of all the films released 2013s The Conjuring is widely regarded as the best film in the franchise.

The first film is based on a true story focusing on one of Ed and Lorraine Warrens most famous cases. The Perron family is the subject of The Conjuring experiencing terrifying events after moving to a Rhode Island farmhouse in the early 70s. reallife products including the scene where the mother Carolyn Perron levitated in her chair after Lorraine performed a seance. The Warrens didnt actually perform exorcisms in real life like they did in the movie which caused Roger Perron to keep his family away from paranormal investigators. The Perrons continued to live in the house with the spirits due to financial constraints before finally moving in 1980.

Jenn and Cory Heinzen who bought the home in 2019 sold the Harrisville Rhode Island property for $1.525 million according to The Wall Street Journal. The Heinzens are paranormal investigators themselves who had been running their business from home for a few years. The couple apparently secured several highend offers after listing the home for $1.2 million but many potential buyers refused to be interviewed before buying. The owners ultimately decided to sell The Conjuring home to Jacqueline Nuñez for the previously mentioned $1.525 million about 27% more than their asking price.

Nuñez fulfilled the Heinzens demands which included continuing to use the house as a business rather than actually living there. The buyer says she doesnt think the house is actually home to a demon like in The Conjuring but says This is a very personal purchase for me. When it came on the market I thought Its a property that lets people talk to the dead. In addition to her business Nuñez is partnering with Christine Perron one of Carolyn and Rogers five daughters to allow people to tour the home and potentially to connect with a spirit Perron stating Its time to make the farm a place of love.

Luckily Nuñez seems to have good intentions with his recent purchase welcoming people who believe in the supernatural rather than trying to make a quick buck from house fame. While some of the offers are likely coming from horror fans it doesnt appear The Conjuring franchise had any influence on their decision to buy the house. The Conjuring series doesnt seem to be slowing down anytime soon with The Nun 2 being the next film in the series and now brave enough fans will have the opportunity to visit the Perron house thanks to Nuñez who owns the property.

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