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The Blacklist season 10 premiere: Five things we need to see

The Blacklist season 10 is coming in 2023 — and of course, that leaves us with a lot of time to think about things pertaining to the story! So what is coming up now? We tend to think that there’s a lot of dramatic twists and turns around every corner, especially in the wake of that huge twist right before Marvin’s death. Reddington is a hunted man now, and we’re starting to paint a mental picture as to what the next arc will look like.

New The Blacklist video! In case you were unaware, we’ve started up a season 1 re-watch. Check out our take on the pilot below! Once you do that, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube to make sure you stay up-to-date with all the latest updates. Below, you can take a look at five things that we absolutely know we want before the premiere wraps up! Where is Reddington? – This is a big one. At the end of season 9, it seemed like he was ready to head off with Mierce and Weecha somewhere else, and maybe he’s done that and gotten away from the crime. If he has, though, we doubt that he’s there for long.

Wujing’s next move – We know that he is in possession of the list that Marvin Gerard gave him at the end of season 9, so he’ll probably want to act on that information. Who does he call first? We really hope we see that. The future of the Task Force – While Aram and Park both gone, Cooper and Ressler are the only long-term agents. Dembe is relatively new to the Bureau and beyond just that, it remains to be seen if he’s going to stay there or be at Reddington’s side when people are after him. The title Blacklister itself – Is it ‘Wujing: Conclusion” — or, are the producers going to find new ways to introduce people even with this specific premise in mind? It’s another interesting thing to think about.

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