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The 10 Best Randy Orton Feuds On Cagematch.net, Ranked

Randy Orton is one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time with a career full of excellent feuds to prove his worth.Randy Orton began his wrestling career over two decades ago. During this time, he feuded with some of the greatest wrestles we have ever seen in WWE. Orton is still one of the most important wrestlers in WWE right now and while most of his feuds are interesting some are on a different level.Some fans say that John Cena was Ortons greatest rival while others lean toward Triple H. These are just two wrestlers Orton has had feuded with over the years. But were these his best rivalries? Readers of Cagematch.net tried to answer that question.

In 2009 Kofi Kingston played a role in Randy Orton losing his WWE Championship to John Cena at Bragging Rights. This started a feud between Kingston and Orton that was interesting. That year Team Kingston defeated Team Orton at Survivor Series in the traditional five on five Survivor Series elimination match. At TLC Orton and Kingston faced each other in a singles match which Orton won. Their rivalry had cooled off by now but Kingston still feuded with The Legacy for the next few weeks. Orton and Kingston shared the ring again in a triple threat situation that also involved John Cena. This was the match where Orton yelled stupid repeatedly at Kingston over a botch. Shortly after this match their rivalry ended.

The 2005 Survivor Series featured the first ever Raw vs. SmackDown Survivor Series elimination match. Team SmackDown included Batista Bobby Lashley JBL Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. Team Raw had Carlito Chris Masters Kane and Big Show and Shawn Michaels. Orton was the sole survivor who won the match for Team SmackDown. The same night SmackDown General Manger Theodore Long defeated Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff. Following this pay per the rivalry between these two brands ended and Bischoff was also fired by Vince McMahon on television.

In 2006 Edge and Randy Orton created Rated RKO to feud with D-Generation X. First Triple H and Orton exchanged victories over each other and their next match ended in no contest. At Cyber Sunday Rated RKO defeated D-Generation X with some help from Eric Bischoff. They also received a title shot against Ric Flair and Roddy Piper but lost due to interference from DX. Rated RKO won the Tag titles next week but were clean swiped by Team D-Generation X at Survivor Series.

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