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Stranger Things Star David Harbor Says World of Warcraft Ruined His Life

Stranger Things fans should be no strangers to seeing Dungeons & Dragons throughout the show but it looks like actor David Harbor who plays Jim Hopper was really big on another hit game at one point World of Warcraft. Harbor spoke about his selfdiagnosed addition to the game recently during a Netflix Geeked Week event and shared his account of playing the MMO relentlessly until The Sims of all things provided unexpected insight.

During the Stranger Things final season aftershow Harbor discussed his addiction to WoW detailing his playstyle and even the specific year he played in which he was very addicted. . In 2005 I played the best of this game Harbor said. You ruined my life for about a year. I mean I lost my mind.

I was a Night Warrior named Norad and he was the second tank in my entire guild Harbor continued adding that he was about to go on some raids when he played. but in Harbors case it was a different game that probably helped him. He was playing The Sims he didnt specify which one and said that he has an avatar in the game and hes an actor. He kept instructing his avatar to work on workrelated attributes but all his persona wanted was to play.

You have to work on your speech and your body right? But I remember my avatar had reached a certain level in his career and I kept trying to get him to work on his speech he was like a support player but I wanted him to work. in his speech and his body all I wanted. What he did was sit and play video games and I was still and then I was like this swirling moment that I saw my life before… Harbor joked that hes done so well since then that hes come back from his time with WoW.

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