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Snowpiercer Season 4 Questions We Hope To See Answered

The third season finale of the hit TNT series Snowpiercer left many questions unanswered. This is what we want to see resolved in season four. Jennifer Connelly Daveed Diggs and Sean Bean from TNT

Spoiler warning Snowpiercer Season 3

When the third season of Snowpiercer aired earlier this year on TNT fans were instantly hooked. The class war social issues and power struggles between Layton and Wilford only escalated from where they were in the first and second seasons. Snowpiercer hasnt lost its forward momentum pun intended and as one of TNTs flagship scripted series it makes sense that a fourth season would be ordered before the third season premieres.

The season three finale was a literal cliffhanger leaving numerous threads unresolved. With WarnerMedias April 2022 announcement that TBS and TNT will stop developing scripted programming season four could be our last ride on the Eternal Engine. If thats the case theres a lot we want to see completed. Where is Wilford? What happened once the Big Alice passengers reached New Eden? Will our favorite characters continue to develop further? Answering these burning questions is one way the show could keep diehard fans engaged throughout its fourth and potentially final season.


Where is Wilford?
First we must address the elephant that is not in the room. What happened to Wilford Sean Bean? He had a complicated arc and something out of place in the third season. At the end of the second season Wilford took control of Snowpiercer from Layton Daveed Diggs who disconnected ten trucks to form a pirate train in search of Melanie. When Layton and his team returned to Snowpiercer earlier in the season Wilford returned control of the train to Layton after a brief fight. Sure Layton threatened to throw Wilford off the train if he didnt back off but it still looks like Wilford didnt do much to stand up to Layton.

Following this he is imprisoned hospitalized after an attack by Roche and eventually transferred to the trains library to recover. Here he apparently waits and doesnt plan much else. That is until Melanie Jennifer Connelly returns and he forges an alliance with her against Layton so they can get the train back. However Melanie betrays him and she and Layton force Wilford onto the train car that scales the tracks where Melanie survives. This is where things got weird. Wilford got into the car and allowed himself to be exiled without any real resistance. Remember this guy managed to survive Big Alice for seven years after Freeze until he caught up with Snowpiercer again so why would he just allow himself to be scrapped? It is likely that he is planning something bigger in the long run.

Wilford believes that Layton cant run the train for the long haul and when Layton falters everyone will come back to him. He is not entirely wrong since that happened at the end of the second season. But how will Wilford manage to return to Snowpiercer from his exile and control the train the way he wants once again? Theres something bigger going on here and we definitely havent seen the last of Wilford.

Will character growth continue?
The third season saw significant character growth for many of our favorite stars. Layton felt more comfortable in his leadership role realizing that telling people what they want to hear isnt always the same as what they need to hear. After wavering with her allegiance to Wilford during season two Ruth Alison Wright has fully committed to Team Layton becoming more confident in the process. Alex Rowan Blanchard followed a similar path acknowledging that his mother wants whats best for the train and that Wilford only wants his own.

Characters like Till Mickey Sumner Miss Audrey Lena Hall Oz Sam Otto Javi Roberto Urbina and others were able to overcome his trauma and rebuild their lives with a stronger sense of identity. Zarah Sheila Vand recognized that she and Layton functioned better as coparents than romantic partners freeing him up to continue his shared romance with Josie Katie McGuiness. Speaking of Josie he has become quite the fighter this season. After exploring the side of her more c

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