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SheHulks New Costume Needs To Return After The Hellfire Gala

Like many other heroes this year SheHulk has a beautiful new outfit designed for this years Hellfire Gala. Its so perfect Jen should keep it.

Amongst all the sleek and stylish Hellfire Gala redesigns that debuted this year SheHulk deserves to keep the set of him for her ongoing solo adventures. She wouldnt be the first to do so and making this outfit her signature outfit of the future meshes nicely with the jolly green queens recent renegotiation of her own femininity. Of course it would be understandable if Jennifer Walters tweaked the outfit a bit to make it battleready because sixinch stilettos might not be ideal for combat.

SheHulks new look is just one of many created for the superheroes of the Marvel Universe both mutant and nonmutant as they attend Krakoas second Hellfire Gala this summer. Jens redesign was created by artist Russell Dauterman who has produced most of this years Hellfire Gala outfits. So far the new SheHulk threads are a favorite among Marvel artists as he appears on two different Hellfire Gala variant covers while he wears it.

Russell Dauterman shared the most compelling look at SheHulks Hellfire Gala redesign on Twitter on June 6. Announcing the Hellfire Gala variant cover for Hulk #8 Dauterman and colorist Matt Wilson remind Marvel fans why Jennifer Walters is always a sight to behold. A gamma green ponytail purple rimless sunglasses a simple purple and white low cut crop top high waisted purple wide leg pants cinched at the ankle white finger gloves and accessories with pearls and a logo detail SH adorn Jen as she stands. powerfully into her pumps. Its a stunning look that SheHulk deserves the chance to keep after the gala.

Jen Walters wouldnt be the first hero smart enough to use the Gala as a backdoor debut for her new supersuit. In particular Jean Gray has resurrected her Hellfire Gala look from last year and tweaked it slightly to make it practical for superheroes. Now she is her usual outfit as she leads the Krakoan XMen. Likewise Storms first Hellfire Gala outfit became her signature style in her first year as Regent of Arakko and Voice of Sol. In this regard if Jean and Ororo can do it why would they? not Jen?

Keeping the redesign trendy would be a cool new direction for SheHulk visually. In recent years Jen has experienced many emotional and physical traumas between killing Bruce Banner putting him in a coma and receiving a celestial power filled with rage. Throughout these challenges Sensational SheHulk has been wondering why she kept such a playful personality for so long. Rejecting the funny girl or safe Hulk act it seems that Jen has come out the other side of this identity development process by reclaiming her selfexpression as fierce and feminine for her own sake rather than his. others. Keeping her Hellfire Gala redesign of hers would communicate her redefinition of SheHulk as an embodiment of power and femininity.

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