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Seinfeld: Kramer’s Best Pieces Of Physical Comedy (According To Reddit)

In 2021, Netflix acquired the global streaming rights to NBC’s zeitgeist-defining sitcom, Seinfeld by reportedly paying over $500 million. The spiritual predecessor to most modern-age sitcoms, Seinfeld’s contributions to the modern lexicon, via various Seinfeldisms, and the art of physical comedy are a hot topic among its proactive fanbase on the internet. Whilst Seinfeld’s four Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer were articulate wordsmiths, the K-Man one went a step further to convey humor using his body. Since there are numerous K-Man pratfalls and physical gags on Seinfeld, users on Reddit took to the site to explain which ones deserve the most praise.

The Bag Of Concrete
The main plot of “The Revenge” deals with Jerry’s bad money management and Kramer’s evil genius. Jerry suspects his local laundromat owner, Vic, of stealing $1500, and Kramer suggests they stuff cement down one of his machines. Kramer, obviously takes the lead, while Jerry tries his best to keep Vic engaged as a cacophony of sounds emerges from the machine area. The physical comedy montage that’s made mostly of Kramer’s pratfalls and tripping is hilarious indeed. The K-Man’s grapple with a giant bag of white cement happens to be Redditor yexomj’s favorite. They write, “Watching him Kramer wrestle the bag of concrete into the dryer gets me every time.” They are correct since the brilliance of the scene resonates beyond the episode’s script and establishes that physical comedy is Richards’ core acting technique.

Leg Clearing The Table Motion
In “The Label Maker,” Kramer and Newman spend six hours playing a game of Risk. Since Newman works a job, they decide to keep the board game at Jerry’s so neither of them tampers with it. The walk up to Jerry’s apartment features Kramer holding the board game with Newman behind. The K-Man uses his right leg to clear the newspapers off jerry’s table and puts the board down in one smooth motion. This physical comedy bit is Redditor benspanky’s favorite and they say, “When he [Kramer] cleans Jerry’s table off with his leg while holding the risk board gets me…” It’s an easy favorite because Kramer keeps his character’s integrity intact with the rib-tickling physical maneuver. Years on, the scene is counted as of Kramer’s best moments of physical comedy in Seinfeld.

Kramer Vs. Vittorio
A memorable physical comedy bit lies in “The Calzone” which also happens to be among Seinfeld’s best episodes about work. As it’s seen, George enlists Kramer’s help to pick up Mr. Steinbrenner’s lunch from Paisano’s, and the latter walks to the restaurant in rainy weather. He has his clothes dried and thus, burnt in the pizza oven and tries to pay Vittorio in change who instantly rejects. The back and forth babbling ends with Kramer stomping the countertop with his right leg. Redditor engine-beer simply states, “Stomping the table at the calzone place” is their favorite. The bit is memorable because it demonstrates Michael Richards’ immaculate strength and timing, which in turn heighten the comedic effect of the joke.

Not On J. Peterman’s Watch
Chaos ensues when in “The Shower Head” Jacopo Peterman assumes Kramer is trying to score drugs off of Elaine. Without giving Kramer a chance to explain himself, Peterman grabs him and shoves him out. Kramer’s spin from the impact provides comic relief in an already hilarious setting, and his look of bewilderment is unforgettable. Though Peterman does most of the work in the scene, it’s Kramer’s pratfalls that steal the show. So, viewers wholeheartedly agree with user jmiz5 when they say, “…Peterman slams the door in his [Kramer’s] face in th [sic] office because Elaine started testing positive for opium.”

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