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Rogue only joined the XMen for an avenger

While Rogue has become one of the most popular XMen members in Marvel Comics history he wasnt always one only joining because of an Avenger.

In the current state of Marvel Comics continuity Rogue has become an iconic member of the XMen and could never be replaced as one of the core members of the team a position that would not have been possible without the influence of an Avenger. .

While shes now a wellknown mutant hero Rogue made her explosive debut as a terrifying villain in Chris Claremont and Michael Goldens Avengers Annual #10. During that story Rogue works for Mystique and is sent on a mission to use her powers to dismantle the Avengers. Rogue is a mutant with the power to drain the life force of people she touches as well as absorb the power of any superhuman she comes into contact with mutant or not. Using this ability Mystique sends Rogue to drain the power and life force from Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel before she took the name Captain Marvel. Rogue drained Carol and left her for dead then used her powers to fight the entire Avengers team. However although Rogue absorbed Captain Marvels powers she also took a fraction of her consciousness causing a part of Carol to exist within Rogues psyche.

In Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carneros Captain Marvel #5 Carol Danvers found a way to escape an alternate postapocalyptic world after defeating the villainous Nuclear Man who was the ruler of that world. Before doing so Nuclear Man held Captain Marvel prisoner along with other powerful women from Earth616 including Carols old enemy Rogue. While initially at odds with each other Captain Marvel and Rogue found a way to work together to stop Nuclear Man and escape the world from him while saving everyone else who was also trapped there. When they returned to her Earth Carol tells Rogue how proud she is of her that she was able to change her ways and become a hero even though Mystique raised Rogue as a villain. In response Rogue admitted that it was Carols influence on her mind that pushed her to become a hero basically saying that Captain Marvel is the reason Rogue became an XMan.

Rogue joined the XMen for an Avenger. Though Captain Marvel denies having any involvement in Rogues heroic journey saying theres nothing her influence could have done if Rogue hadnt wanted to be a hero in the first place the fact remains that Captain Marvel was absolutely instrumental in making her a hero. Rogue became a member of the XMen. After Rogue committed that heinous act of villainy against Carol Danvers and the rest of the Avengers she was sickened by it and determined to redeem herself something that might not have happened had she continued to stew over Mystiques overwhelmingly evil influence. Additionally Rogue permanently gained some of Captain Marvels powers including flight and super strength making her the iconic XMen member she is today.

While that fraction of Captain Marvels consciousness that existed within Rogue for so long after her attack on Carol Danvers may not have had any real influence on Rogue becoming an XMan Captain Marvel herself he certainly did. Rogues attack on Captain Marvel inadvertently showed Rogue that she was not the villain she was raised to be and the powers she gained from Carol empowered her to be one of the most impactful members of the XMen to date proving that Rogue became a member of the XMen because of an Avenger Captain Marvel.

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