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REVIEW The Orville New Horizons explores space and humanity

The Orville New Horizons  essentially the third season of The Orville  takes the series into profound directions. So far the first two episodes of the season (streaming Wednesdays exclusively on Hulu tackle the basic goal of all good science fiction.
Scifi is all about what it means to be human even if that question is being asked through stories involving aliens and androids. The Orville which is a blend of much drama and some comedy answers questions about humanity with wisdom as profound as Star Trek. No surprise there since people formerly involved with Star Trek shows are involved with this one. Brannon Braga an executive producer on several Star Trek shows is one of the Orville executive producers.

The Orville a series created by Executive Producer Seth McFarlane and starring him as Capt. Ed Mercer (commander of the Union starship The Orville doesnt waste a second getting to the tough questions in its first episode this season. Isaac the supposedly emotionless Kaylon android who saved the crew members in the second season after initially joining the Kaylons in betraying them deals with people not forgiving him.

That sets the stage for a story about suicide and The Orville much like the original Star Trek series examines social issues in episodes that are morality plays.
In discussing the future The Orville gets viewers to look at todays social issues much like Star Trek has. The stories include strong writing by Mr. MacFarlane Mr. Braga and André Bormanis. The acting is handled in a realistic and compelling manner by Mr. MacFarlane Adrianne Palicki Scott Grimes Peter Macon J Lee Mark Jackson Chad L. Coleman Jessica Szohr and Anne Winters.

But one actress stands out Penny Johnson Jerald who excelled on shows such as Star Trek Deep Space Nine and 24. Ms. Johnson Jerald plays Dr. Finn the chief medical officer and she makes every word of her dialogue count. And Ms. Winters is skilled at playing bridge officer Charly Burke who like many of the crew members wont forgive Isaac. Likewise Mr. Jackson does a great job of hinting at emotion in the socalled emotionless android Isaac. Its clear Isaac actually does have feelings even if he doesnt realize that. And in watching Isaac grow viewers develop empathy for him which means Isaac is helping to answer a question for viewers. What does it mean to be human?

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