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Pokemon How the Journeys anime should end

After the Masters Eight Tournament Pokemon has one more thing to do before the Journeys anime concludes.

Ash Ketchums main goal throughout the Pokémon Journeys anime has been to battle Leon the champion of the Galar region and reigning monarch of the world coronation series. Now that Ash has earned his place in the Eight Masters Tournament the fated battle he yearns for is all but inevitable. However regardless of whether or not Ash defeats Leon and wins the WCS Journeys should have one more item on their todo list before this latest adventure comes to an end a battle between Ash and Goh.

Goh started off on the wrong foot with many fans thanks to his ability to catch wild Pokémon with little to no effort. The original catchphrase of Gotta Catch Em All has never been embodied by a character (main series other than Goh who has caught over 100 Pokémon throughout the Journeys anime. In his defense he certainly takes better care of all his Pokémon than Ash does as Goh spends most of his time away from the field trip taking care of everyone at Cerise Labs. Meanwhile Ash leaves that hard work to Professor Oak and Tracey Sketchit when it comes to her own Pokémon collection.

Anime Pokemon Master Journeys Ash and Pikachu with Goh and Scorbunny
Unlike Ash Goh isnt too interested in Pokémon battles other than helping Ash train and Team Rocket fights. Despite his own disinterest in battles Goh has been by Ashs side every step of the way during the Coronation World Series cheering him on during every match. The first reason a battle between Goh and Ash would be interesting would be to find out what wacky battle strategies Goh has learned from watching Ash since the protagonist rarely faces an opponent who is equally smart. In all honesty Ash would most likely mop the floor with Goh but that doesnt mean this hypothetical battle cant be compelling.

Full 6v6 battles have gone the way of Aerodactyl in Pokemon Journeys (defunct. The Masters Eight Tournament has the most powerful and iconic trainers in the entire franchise and is still shaping up to be 1v1 battles which means Pokémon has moved away from one of its most popular traditions. A battle between Ash and Goh would be the perfect opportunity for a full battle to give the Ashs Journeys team one last hurray before he inevitably leaves them somewhere and moves on. Goh on the other hand has such a vast collection of Pokemon that it would be interesting to see which six he would choose to take on Ash in addition to the dice like Cinderace and Inteleon.

Goh has gone from an overly ambitious kid who thought hed catch Mew as his first Pokemon to someone who didnt understand that Pokemon personalities can change when they evolve to a genuinely talented trainer with multiple legendary catches under his belt. . He has grown tremendously as a person and in his relationship with Pokémon and much of that growth comes from being exposed to Ashs contagious enthusiasm for all things Pokémon. Battles have always been a way for trainers to meet and show off their growth and Goh taking everything hes learned from Ash and throwing it at him in a full battle would make for a poetic ending to Pokémon Journeys.

The future of Pokemon has never been more hazy the series is running out of things to do with Ash Ketchum while Gohs disinterest in battles leaves him unsuited to be the new lead. If this really is the last round for Ash or Goh or both then a full battle would be the perfect way to end their arc together. His talent apparently bestowed by Arceus for catching wild Pokémon with ease aside Goh has established himself as one of Ashs best traveling companions as the two have become the closest of friends. At the very least Journeys could use Gohs Suicune and Regieleki as a standin for Tobias to end Ashs adventures with a legendary spam defeat just for old times sake.

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