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OnePunch Mans God Twist Just Destroyed Garous Redemption

Garous actions have left him at the mercy of OnePunch Mans enigmatic and deadly God ripping out hints that he might team up with Saitama.

The latest chapter of OnePunch Man released in Japan chapter 165 has taken the battle between Saitama and Garou in a radical new direction bringing the hero hunter who was so close to redemption back to villainy in a way strangely tragic finding God. .

The God of OnePunch Man is a mysterious figure. He is known to hold a grudge against humanity and has lent his power to many monsters including the recently defeated Homeless Emperor who had his divine powers restored at the cost of his life after failing. He lures people into making contracts with him often through the use of mysterious cubes that are extremely heavy and automatically draw their attention to the cubes holder. Flashy Flash and Saitama found one of these cubes but the number one hero Blast prevented them from accidentally forming a contract. He then also tried to trick Tatsumaki into holding hands with him using Blasts disguise to try to gain his trust but he saw through the illusion. No matter what he tried God just couldnt fool the heroes.

Garou on the other hand was desperate for more power and eager to take on the heroes making him a perfect target. Taking on the guise of his former master Bang God approached Garou and Garou began to back away before backing away realizing that this was an out of place moment for Bang but it was too late. Garous hand touched Gods for an instant and that was enough. God openly declared his intention to use Garou as a puppet and while Garou has since insisted that he is operating out of his own free will that doesnt mean he isnt still doing what God wants. His monster armor and all the details of his face have been replaced by a void of stars and galaxies much like the void in which God first appeared which visually suggests that there might be far less of the true Garou left from what was thought.

One Hit Garou Garou had previously flouted fate and declared himself the next god which may have been part of what brought Gods attention to him but he hasnt been the first to make such a claim. The incredibly huge centipede monster Centisennin referred to a being Garou now believes to be Saitama as the abominable fist that opposes God suggesting that God is quite concerned about Saitama and his growing power as he poses a threat. for your plans. the extinction of humanity. In hindsight it seems likely that wave after wave of horrific incidents from the meteor impact on City Z to the Monster Association itself have been part of this Evil Gods efforts to wipe out human civilization.

Garous desperation to outdo Saitama has led him to become a pawn a particularly tragic fate given the original version of chapter 164 in which Garou would sit peacefully talking to Saitama over tea. If God hadnt stepped in to take advantage of Garou at his weakest OnePunch Mans most anticipated fight might well have ended with these two rivals becoming friends but now theres no telling what if anything will be left of Garou in the end. Theres still a lot. left now.

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