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No, CoComelon Isn’t To Blame For Your Kid’s Tantrums

If you are a mom on TikTok you probably stumble across quite a few videos about parenting kid friendly recipes and whatever else the algorithm serves up for you that day momtok is a thing.

And that means you may have seen some videos floating around from moms who say switching from CoComelon to other shows namely Songs For Littles on YouTube helped their kids learn to speak and reduced the number of tantrums they were having.As someone who has turned on CoComelon to occupy my baby while I wash bottles or eat my food while its hot I immediately started worrying that maybe my choice in programming is why he has not been babbling much. But can a program aimed at babies and toddlers featuring characters singing traditional and modernized nursery rhymes really have that kind of power? Experts say that remains to be seen.Its not about certain shows over others.

The general trend is that there is no benefit to media says Daniel Marullo Ph.D clinical psychologist at Childrens of Alabama in an interview with Romper.Heres the thing these moms are not wrong. They know their children better than anyone and if making the switch to different shows helped their kiddos learn new words and self regulate a little better then good on them for figuring that out. That said do not feel guilty if your little one really likes CoComelon and you are not willing to give up the 20 minutes of peace JJ and his annoyingly sing songy family buy you. Its probably not why your kiddo has not uttered their first word or why they had a meltdown earlier today.

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