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No big deal just Megan Fox licking the throat of a fake Kelly syringe filled with blood with a submachine gun

Megan Fox and her apparent fascination with blood predate her romance with Machine Gun Kelly. She came out for blood in her role as a demon possessed Jennifer was a bloodthirsty vampire on Netflixs Night Teeth and even appeared in the music video for Machine Gun Kelly called Bloody Valentine. So it shouldnt come as much of a surprise that Megan Fox is shown licking the throat of Kellys bloodfilled syringe.

Machine Gun Kelly and Bloody Valentine Megan Fox have been going strong and still mix romance with blood. His latest Instagram post of Megan Fox licking the throat of a bloodfilled syringe proves that the love and blood they share still drives the relationship forward.

While Megan Fox might lick a fake bloodfilled syringe it looks like shes still on fire with the real blood of her fiancé Kellys machine gun. When she and her rapper/rock star partner announced their engagement they didnt bring a toast to each other with champagne like other regular couples do. They performed a special ritual far from the traditional in which they sipped a few drops of each others blood to celebrate. She believed that if it was up to her fiancé he would cut his chest with broken glass to give her his soul but she believed in a more controlled approach of just sipping on a few drops.

For their wedding Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox want a gothic setting with a red river in keeping with their own bloody theme. If this loving couple plans to exchange blood during their wedding the Vampire Society of New Orleans urges the couple to warn of illnesses before this blood exchange. Id like to agree with that announcement in Machine Gun Kellys Instagram post where he said Pisces but the movie is called TAURUS. Coming late this year.

This could be a reference to his soontobewife as the Transformers star said before that shes doing bloody rituals on the new and full moons. Guess that this first Taurus show happens during the Pisces moon meaning there will be some drinking of blood afterwards! The upcoming movie Taurus is the couples third collaboration together. Fox plays the selfdestructive exwife of rapper/rock star played by MGK himself. It looks like this newly engaged couple will continue to have a great time together. Megan Fox and the new Machine Gun Kelly movie Taurus premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival a few days ago and is expected to be released in theaters later this year.

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