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New Amsterdam 4, the previews of the third episode

Appointment for Friday 17 June at 21.20 on Canale 5 with three new episodes from the seventh to the ninth of the fourth season. Max moves between discoveries and decisions to makeAired on Channel 5 on Friday 17 June at 21.20 the third episode of New Amsterdam 4 offers new episodes full of events: from the fatal accident involving an ambulance to a dangerous cyber attack, from a fire that causes burns to a group of immigrants up to the questionable methods adopted by Fuentes. We read the previews of the new episodes.The title of the first episode of the evening is Harmony. An ambulance is involved in a fatal accident. Behind this tragic event lies a truth which once discovered leaves Max speechless.

Meanwhile Fuentes puts great pressure on the staff she urges Iggy to return to work at full capacity blackmails the doctors and forces the paramedics to do extra work in Cyber ​​Attack the hospital computer system is the victim of a cyber attack by a gang of Russian hackers. Max is the involuntary protagonist of this crime and must therefore work to find a sum of money to save the hospital the third and last episode of the evening is In a foreign land. Due to a fire in a church a group of immigrants who do not comply with their documents are admitted to the hospital emergency room there are many victims of more or less severe burns. At New Amsterdam there is a general situation that displeases the staff Fuentes choices continue to be discussed so much so that Brantley is considering intervening directly. Max and Helen on the other hand continue to organize themselves to fly to London where they would like to settle down.

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