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My Hero Academia Art Introduces Dynamight’s Biggest Fan

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest series in shonen and it has welcomed a ton of pros in its days. Over the years fans have come to settle on their favorite heroes and Bakugo Tatsuki often ranks high on those lists. However it seems the hero in has his own fanboys and a new piece of art is showing off his biggest supporter period.As you can see below the work comes from one of Kohei Horikoshis assistants on Twitter. It was there nstime23 posted new art for fans as usual but this one left netizens deep in their feels. After all it showcases Dynamight in his pro hero costume and a young Deku is seen longing with his childhood friend.

The and white sketch does not show Bakugo looking all that impressed but it says volumes he has not pushed Deku off his lap. Instead the high schooler is letting the younger version of Izuku nap the day away. Not even Bakugo can deny the kid some good sleep and nstime23 has My Hero Academia fans going wild over the adorable shot.After all Bakugo and Deku have one of the most convoluted histories in My Hero Academia. The childhood friends had a nasty falling out in elementary school which led Bakugo to become an awful bully. Their relationship has taken a turn for the better as of late as Bakugo is now a rival at worst and friend at best where Izuku is concerned. And thanks to that progress Deku can enjoy a quick nap around Bakugo without having to worry about being singed.

Its been thirty long years since Yu Yu Hakushos anime first premiered in Japan and even longer since Yoshihiro Togashis original manga series kicked off in Shueishas Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and the franchise is celebrating with some special new art for each of the characters. Ask many anime fans of a certain age and its likely that they will hold Yu Yu Hakusho in high regard as one of the most notable action anime releases of all time. Even after all these years it’s hard to find a new series that can compete with it for the title.The franchise has kicked off a new celebration to honor the 30th anniversary of its anime premiere Yu Yu Hakusho is releasing some new goods and materials for fans in Japan. For those outside of the region we can enjoy this new celebration too as it has resulted in some new art for the main four fighters at the center of it all Yusuke Urameshi Kazuma Kuwabara Kurama Hiei and even Koenma to boot.

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