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‘Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power’: 7 Best Fan Theories For What Might Happen

The relative secrecy surrounding exactly what fans can expect to see in The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power has spurred attentive Tolkien lovers to speculate endlessly. While this speculation has resulted in some out there ideas there are also some ideas that seem pretty reasonable to expect.

Tolkien’s extensive lore and backstory lend themselves to imagining almost anything, but since Amazon Prime only has rights to very specific parts of Middle Earths history they will have to get creative to fill the gaps. They have covered that to an extent by including plenty of new characters that do not explicitly exist in the books along with introducing new places and towns. But what about the plot? Heres what fans think might happen.Finrod Felagund King of Nargothrond and brother to Galadriel has already been confirmed to be in the show played by Will Fletcher the Ring of Barahir is an important enough item in the Third Age to warrant an origin story.The Ring the same one given to Aragorn by Elven-lord Elrond as a reminder of his heritage as King of Gondor was originally an Elvish item belonging to Finrod. He gave it to a Chief of Men as thanks for saving his life in battle and from then it passed through his descendants as a prized heirloom. While the show may not be able to talk about the deeper history of the Ring, the basics are free game.

One theory is that the so-called Black Numenoreans will play a role as corrupted Numenoreans who devoted themselves to Sauron in their search for everlasting life three of these actually became Ringwraiths. In a series based on Sauron it seems likely that this could be an important moment to show Sauron’s growing power and corruption of the peoples of Middle earth.One popular fan theory surrounds Saurons potential appearances in the show. Rather than having Sauron introduced off the bat as the main villain the showrunners might go a different route after all Sauron did! In the books he disguised himself as Annatar claiming to be benevolent while secretly manipulating most of Numenor and tricking Elvish smiths into creating the Rings of Power.

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