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“Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey”: cosa pensano le star di Sister Wives del leader della setta FLDS Warren Jeffs

Netflixs new docu series Keep Sweet Pray and Obey rips open the roof of a secret society of The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints FLDS. The Netflix original reveals the shocking truth many women and girls have come across while living the polygamous lifestyle of FLDS under the guidance of Warren Jeffs. So what do you think of the leader of the FLDS sect Warren Jeffs?

Keep Sweet Pray and Obey is a threepart series released in June 2022 detailing the rise and fall of fundamentalist leader and prophet Warren Jeffs. The show takes an indepth look at investigations into sexual abuse underage marriages and trafficking in young women at the hands of the Jeffs family. Jeffs was the one and only church leader with the power to assign wives to men. He appointed girls some as young as 12 as brides to the church elders. The women and the girl considered secondclass citizens within the FLDS community had no say in the man they were entrusted to.

Jeff is said to have had over 87 wives and over 50 children. However after a thorough investigation there was enough evidence to bring Jeffs down. In 2011 he was convicted of two counts of sexual assault against minors. He is currently serving a life sentence plus twenty years. Aside from the Jeffs family the Brown family can be considered the most infamous polygamous family of all time. However the Brown family does not follow the rules of the FLDS division.

Cody and his wives practice plural marriage based on the beliefs of their church Apostolic United Brethren AUB which is an offshoot of fundamentalist Mormonism. So what does Cody Brown think of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs? In a 2012 interview with the Las Vegas Sun Cody discussed his take on Jeffs arrest and its impact on how the world views polygamy.

I felt there were so many stereotypes about plural marriages with Warren Jeffs and the fundamentalist Church of Latterday Saints. There was so much negative press child brides and abuse in general that I hated being identified that way. Warren Jeffs is not our poster child. When I talked to my kids about doing the show I said we have the opportunity not only to change our world but to change the world for everyone. In the same interview the sisters they are stellar wives who talk more. How Jeffs convictions of pedophilia and rape led the world to view polygamy as a bad thing. When asked how they differ from Warren Jeffs and the FLDS Cody explained

We are Mormon fundamentalists not LDS or FLDS. Jeffs who was the leader of the FLDS built a fiefdom around him. Take away the voices of his women and his children. I think my wives should have their own voice and be able to choose. As a family we choose together.

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