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Kaley Cuoco travels to New York with her boyfriend Tom Belfry

Kaley Cuoco and boyfriend Tom Belfry tried to stay out of the spotlight in New York on Saturday. The 36yearold flight attendant star wore a pair of faded black track pants a black shortsleeved shirt white sneakers and pink socks as she walked through JFK Airport. The Big Bang Theory star hid much of his face under a large sports hat embroidered with the word Tom in bright yellow thread. LOW PHOTO Kaley Cuoco 36 and boyfriend Tom Belfry 39 tried not to catch the eye in New York as they walked through JFK on Saturday

The outside actor who will turn 40 later this month was similarly dressed and carrying a large black backpack on his trip. The couple had been dating for several months but made it official at the Hollywood Walk of Fame for executive producer Greg Berlanti 50 in May. The final second season of Kaleys HBO Max drama aired on Thursday and it is unclear whether the third season will begin. In an interview with People the actress and executive producer explained There is definitely an interest in doing a third season. I think that for me at this moment the plane landed.

Wearing a hat The flight attendant star wore black sweatpants a shortsleeved shirt white sneakers and pink socks and hid his face under a sports hat with the word Tom embroidered on it. Kaley Cuoco in a floral dress at the Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards I mean weve done a lot this season. Even in eight episodes weve made a lot of history I think So its going to take a lot of thought to make sure that if we go back its going to be better than the previous two episodes which is very difficult to do. The versatile star can be seen below at The Man from Toronto. He costarred with Woody Harrelson 60 Elaine Barkin 68 and Kevin Hart 42 in the comedy about a killer and a mistaken Airbnb rental.

Dressed in a similar costume The outdoorsy actor who turns 40 later this month wore a similar costume to his partner and carried a large black backpack for his trip. Kaley Cuoco is sweating with fellow actress Monette Mo. The leading lady has also completed her stint on the romantic comedy Meet Cute alongside 28yearold Pete Davidson. Tom could then be considered the main character in the thriller American Murderer along with Ryan Phillippe 47 and Idina Menzel 51. The film is based on the true story of a charming con man who ends up on the FBIs Most Wanted list.

New love story The actress also took to her Instagram page and shared several photos of her even cuddling with Belfry including one where they were wearing matching hats. The Big Apple Coco and Belfry were excited to be back in NYC Sweet The couple exchanged a passionate kiss while out on the town on Saturday night Jersey The actress also took a photo of nearby New York during her trip Thumbs up Cuoco and actress Zosia Mamet gave their fans and Instagram followers an enthusiastic endorsement to come see Epiphanys new play at the Lincoln Center Theatre.

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