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Jodie Foster avoided Anthony Hopkins during Silence of The Lambs filming: ‘Really scared’

JODIE FOSTER who tonight appears in the Silence Of The Lambs once revealed that she never spoke to her co star Anthony Hopkins when the cameras stopped rolling because she found him scary.

ITV airs Silence Of The Lambs at 10:45pm the Oscar winning film which stars Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins follows FBI student Clarice who is assigned to search for a serial killer known as Buffalo Bill. Clarice is helped by Dr Hannibal the Cannibal Lecter a sociopathic former psychiatrist now held in a maximum security prison. Hopkins plays Dr Hannibal and while he and Clarice worked together closely on screen reports suggest that their relationship was not as strong when the cameras stopped rolling.In 2016 Foster revealed that she never actually spoke to Hopkins during the filming process other than what is seen on screen.Asked about her experience with him during an appearance on the Graham Norton Show she replied No. Never spoke to him. He was scary.

She went on to explain that on the first day of filming they had a read through of the script yet by the end of the session Foster concluded that she never wanted to speak to him again.Foster added So then we did the whole movie he was always behind the glass partitions or in his cell.Because the scenes were so long they would lock him in at the beginning of the day and the next day he would be on the other side.We got to the end of the movie and had not really had a conversation.Asked if she had even walked past him she replied No I avoided him. I was eating a sandwich it was the last day and he came up to me.I said with a tear in my eye I was really scared of you. He said I was scared of you. Why would anyone be scared of me? I do not know.

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