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Jason Derulo will be on September 8 at the Plaza Mayor

Jason Derulo will be another of the highlights of the Valladolid festival concerts. The American composer will be in the Plaza Mayor on September 8 to liven up the atmosphere with some of his best songs such as Whatcha say Swalla Ridin solo Trumptes and Marry me. The 32yearold dancer has also become a benchmark in the world music scene to the point of being the author of Colors the official theme of the 2018 Russian Soccer World Cup.

As far as the rest of the party concerts are concerned the one in charge of opening fire will be Edurne on September 2. The former representative of Spain in Eurovision will bring her Catarsis tour to Valladolid which began on April 3 in Madrid. On September 3 it will be Amaias turn who will present the songs from her latest work When I dont know who I am. A day later it will be the turn of Marta Sánchez immersed in a tour to celebrate her 35year career.

An opportunity to review their bestknown songs and the most current ones such as Brillar. On the 5th one of the most recognized voices of flamenco will land that of Miguel Poveda the prelude to Carlos Sadness who will finally be able to perform in Valladolid after the failed attempts of 2020 and 2021. On September 7 the Canarian Don Patricio trap singer with songs like Paid Vacations. On September 9th it will be Skaps turn with his most irreverent ska. Although one of the main dishes will arrive on September 10 the Swedes The Hives who will fill the Plaza Mayor with garage rock.

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