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Iron Mans Daughter Is the XMens Ultimate Secret Weapon

The XMen often complain they dont have any allies but Iron Mans daughter saved the entire mutant race even though shes been forgotten.

In Marvel Comics Iron Mans daughter is the XMens secret weapon and the surprising savior of the mutant race. The sad truth is that the XMen have tended to be mutantkinds only defenders. Even when Sentinels committed genocide on Genosha killing 16.5 million mutants in a single devastating attack the XMen were the only ones who went to the island. The Avengers were nowhere to be seen.
Given thats the case its no real surprise the relationship between the XMen and Earths other superheroes has been a fractious one. At times its even slipped into outright war with the XMen and the Avengers going headtohead on numerous occasions. For all thats the case though the XMens future would actually be a whole lot worse without Tony Starks future daughter a character who was never even named.

Seen in Uncanny XMen #140.5 by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca the teenage daughter of Tony Stark grew up in the Days of Future Past timeline. In this dystopian world the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants committed a political assassination that triggered a wave of antimutant violence. Soon mutants were outlawed and Nightcrawler was their last leader desperately attempting to keep his people alive. The XMen would have been lost without Tony Starks daughter who inherited his genius but couldnt be predicted by the Sentinels because her abilities including sophisticated Iron Man armor were derived from science rather than mutant powers.

Kid Stark proved to be an essential field asset and she played a key role in capturing Cyclops daughter Rachel Summers. This gave the Phoenix the opportunity to free Rachel from the nanotechnology that had enslaved her and Rachel subsequently used her psychic abilities to change the timeline and avert this dystopian future. Shed never have been able to do so without Kid Stark capturing her meaning this young genius was indirectly a savior to the entire mutant race.

Theres a rich irony to this twist. XMen comics have often gotten caught up in the idea of mutants versus humans with even the XMen sometimes admitting they feel humans will always hate them. But there will always be some humans who transcend their worst instincts and truly do oppose bigotry and prejudice in all its forms. In this case the daughter of an Avenger proved essential to saving the entire mutant race. The only tragedy of course is that by doing so she erased her entire timeline. She has never existed in the prime Marvel timeline and its entirely possible she never will. Iron Man himself has no idea that his own reality has been so profoundly shaped by his daughters decision to fight alongside the XMen but hed probably be very proud of her if he ever learned the truth.

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