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Into the Badlands Season 3 Episode 16 Review Seven Strike as One

They tell you when the trip ends when the party ends when you are expelled from the entire universe. They take all the possibilities that the program has fostered within you and seal them in a jar that sits on a shelf deep in the vault of your mind. Often these festive episodes try to do too much and leave the audience with little time to continue in the name of the epilogue.

But if were not given that closure to which we feel entitled if the ending is too open and plot lines are left out on purpose thats an incomplete experience. this is worse. Because then not only are the characters weve come to love characters who have become reflections of different parts of our psyche are doomed to wander in limbo for the rest of eternity so are we.

Seven Strike as One is not an incomplete experience in itself. It provides us with enough narrative closure to make our journey into the Badlands worth every step we took. He connects his characters arcs with a result that feels natural. Yet there is that agonizing sense of emptiness that hangs over Seven Strike as One a sense of unfinished business thats only there so the show can live on in your imagination. The Azra arc ends with the death of the pilgrim. Sunnys story is over too… or so we thought. She died by the sword as she lived. But as we learned in the episodes brief and mysterious episode he might get another chance with this deadly dossier after all.

The teacher meets the spirit of Sunny in a world between life and death. There she tells him that her gift was activated in the last moments of her death and thus she gets another chance to meet her son Henry. But she warns him that the Badlands will not be the same when she returns and that an evil force more dangerous than any human has been discovered. After that she asks him to follow her because her journey of hers has just begun.

Right after that we cut to a scene where Eli Thom Ashley wanders through whats left of the Meridian Room which he lost after the Great Battle. He falls to his knees and digs into the mud with his dirty hands as if he knows what is buried there the beacon of betrayal the teacher spoke of a gun. Which makes sense right? Well… yes and no.

It didnt happen when I first saw this episode. It was a disconcerting note to end for me. Not because of the weapon itself anyone who has seen Temple of Doom knows that weapons can beat swords so easily but because of the character the writers chose to find. Ellie is a character whose name is not on anyones lips right now as she was introduced less than a few episodes ago. I forgot to mention it in my other reviews because it is well memorable. Also she was trying to keep track of how crazy the show was holding me back with each line of dialogue.

But she has the look of a psychotic white guy which makes it even more believable that hell be the one to start shooting people in the Badlands I guess. Also it wouldnt make sense for Cressida the shows surviving villainess to come back and pick it up. He quickly slips away in a speedboat during the most inadvertently hilarious scene at the end dont ask taking off the freeway onto his own path to redemption and leaving a frustrated Nathaniel Moon begging for revenge.

Ending Into the Badlands with a message against gun violence is an odd comment but it doesnt seem preachy at all. However it does make me wonder how a single weapon can pose a threat to all of the Badlands. Will Eli be the only one to possess his amazing power? Will he learn to make more bullets? Will he be able to design and build other firearms for a new team of villains that he will lead? Regardless of the weird ending Seven Strike as One is mostly action and not a lot of talk which more than makes up for the shows heavy last few episodes. Im not saying that was a bad thing the data dumps were well written and logical enough.

In a season packed with standout action sequences this episode bombards you with punches kicks stabs beheadings wire madness explosions…pretty much everything youd expect from a grand finale. And while were experiencing some losses here Sunnys aforementioned death having the biggest impact on the story and Tilda slipping into something of a coma it still feels like a win for the characters and viewers watching at home. It is expensive yes but it does not seem like a defeat. Maybe its because we know that Sunny you

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