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How Much Does Cocomelon Make In A Year?

CoComelon is the most-watched YouTube channel in the United States and hit 1 on Netflix but how much does the preschool series earn each year?

The childrens YouTube channel CoComelon has become a staple of households with children under 5. CoComelon was created by Jay Jeon, originally called checkgate when he launched the channel in 2006 as a way to entertain his own children. Jeon rebranded the channel as CoComelon in 2018 becoming the most watched YouTube channel in the US in 2021. The show produced by Moonbug Entertainment consists of animated nursery rhymes and childrensongs aimed at preschool aged children and babies. In 2020 CoComelon made the move to Netflix and became the number 1 series on the streamer. On YouTube its second only to the popular Indian YouTube channel T Series.

Parents and caretakers of young children are probably familiar with CoComelon. Its a 3D animated preschool show much like other kid-friendly cartoons such as PAW Patrol that features an animated toddler named JJ and things surrounding his family his preschool and his class of diverse toddlers. His teacher usually teaches the kids something using a song that explains basic concepts like colors or social things a young child might experience. Sometimes JJ might learn a lesson at home with his family. These little 5 minute animations are compiled into episodes that parents can play for their children on YouTube or Netflix.

Its a similar concept to most childrens shows that air on Disney Junior or Nick Jr. that usually aim to present a preschool-level education thats either academic or social. The difference is that CoComelon uses songs instead of dialogue and stories. Using that format it has become one of the most popular childrens shows in the United States in the last few years.The success of CoComelon is staggering. Its the most watched YouTube channel in the country and is one of the most popular series on Netflix. CoComelons easily digestible and consistent content makes it a quick option for parents who are looking for safe ways to entertain their toddlers. Its pulled off the amazing feat of becoming as popular as childrens media giants like PAW Patrol and Sesame Street in just a few years. Following all of CoComelons success it is estimated that the series earns about $128 million every year on YouTube alone.

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