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Hailee Steinfeld Celebrates The Weekend With Bikini Instagram Post

Hailee Steinfeld has recently amazed fans with her performance in the Disney Plus series Hawkeye. The series, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, introduced a variety of new characters to the MCU – including Steinfeld’s – while also giving the titular Hawkeye character his first solo project. Now fans can see more of Hailee Steinfeld in her private life, where she chose to spend some time with her brother, racecar driver Griffin Steinfeld. The two decided to spend some time at the Miami Grand Prix Weekend where Hailee Steinfeld chose to wear quite the bikini outfit at one point.

You can see her bikini below, along with several other looks Hailee Steinfeld chose during the weekend. It’s clear that she had plenty of fun hanging out with her brother and friends, along with getting to experience all of the racecar excitement.

Indeed, it certainly does look like a good time. In fact, it’s quite appropriate for Hailee Steinfeld to have such an adoration for racecars. After all, before having appeared in the Disney Plus series Hawkeye, Hailee Steinfeld was actually one of the cast members in the 2018 film Bumblebee. The Transformers spin-off focused on the titular character from previous Transformers outings. This means that particular film centered on lots of cars and vehicular action, which makes it all the more fitting that Hailee Steinfeld is genuinely interested in racing and fast cars.With that said, it’s clear that she had a great time at the Miami Grand Prix Weekend – and fans can admire her outfits which included a pink bikini top, matching shorts, and an open shirt cover-up.

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