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Ghostbusters fan wish comes true on Leeds library ghoul hunt

George from Harrogate has a rare form of congenital heart disease which means he was born with half a working heart.

The condition means he is unable to join in with some activities but said he had found a way to face my fears and be brave through the films.His dream day involved a ride in the famous Ecto-1 vehicle before capturing a ghost at Leeds Central Library.Organised by the charity Make A Wish Georges mum Jane said Any parents who have a child with an illness or a disability especially a disability like Georges heart condition life can be difficult for them.Today has really made us grateful and it makes you feel that you Are not alone. So many people have come together to recognise what he has been through but also what families like us go through.Its given us something that George will take with him for the rest of his life.

Georges day started when he and his family were given a police escort into Leeds where George was met with a guard of honour from local police before enacting a scene in the library which had been decked out in a spooky fashion.The young ghoul hunter led four other Ghostbusters through the library in search of paranormal activity before capturing a ghost taking it to West Yorkshire Police and receiving a certificate of thanks from the mayor.He said the day had amazing written all over it.We managed to find the ghost and then zapped all of it he added.It just means I can do anything and nothing is out of my reach it really made me confident and I tried to not get scared. George fell in love with the film franchise which started in 1984 after watching the movies two years ago.Speaking last week he said When I Am in hospital its a bit scary. But just like the Ghostbusters I try to face my fears. I try to be brave.Ahead of Sunday George also received messages from members of the original Ghostbusters cast Dan Ackroyd and Ernie Hudson.

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