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Frozen Perfectly Flipped The Oldest Disney Princess Fairytale Trope

Frozen could be mistaken as just another Disney princess story but one detail sets the 2013 animated movie apart from its predecessors.

Disneys 2013 movie Frozen broke many records but one detail in particular set the animated movie apart from previous Disney princess movies as Frozen completely flipped one of the oldest fairytale tropes. Although Brave was the first to do something similar the 2012 animated movie set in medieval Scotland was produced by Pixar. And while Braves Merida Kelly Macdonald paved the way for Frozens Anna Kristen Bell and Elsa Idina Menzel to invert one of the most used fairytale tropes in Disney Princess movies its reception was nowhere near as big as Frozens which became the top grossing animated movie of all time when it was released.

While Frozen was nOt the first Disney princess movie to focus on family as the 90s Disney Classics such as Beauty and the Beast Mulan and Pocahontas can attest was the first to feature two sisters as protagonists. Elsa and Annafamilial relationship was at the front and center of Frozen despite the distance between the two for most of the movie. Considering the centrality of their sisterly bond its only fitting that their relationship is instrumental in stopping Arendelles eternal winter in Frozens climax and it was this detail that sets Frozen apart from previous Disney princess movies whose protagonists happily ever after almost always included a prince in the picture.

Unlike its predecessors Frozen had romantic love but it was nOt that type of love that led the main story to a conclusion. While Kristoffs Jonathan Groff love for Anna brought her to Arendelle it was Annas act of true love and selflessness that made Elsa understand how to fix Arendelles eternal winter and thawed Annas heart. Putting herself between Elsa and Hans sword was nOt the act of true love Anna believed to be the one she needed but it was the thing Anna had to do when she realized that Elsa was in danger. This not only made the act of true love one of familial love but it also took the form of a sacrifice separating Frozen from all the Disney princess movies ending with a true loves kiss that came before it.

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