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Frozen: Best Songs in the Franchise, Ranked

Disneys musical animated film Frozen has many incredible songs. From Let It Go to Into the Unknown here are the best ones.

In 2013 Frozens it Go became the anthem for the ice queen Elsa as well as a number of children and adults alike who felt the need to belt it at the most random of times. To this day its nearly impossible to never have at least heard of the tune whether having seen the two highest grossing Disney films or not. With the release of Frozen and its sequel came the soundtracks that both made it to number 1 on the Billboard 200 charts. The first films album sold over 10 million copies in 2014 and was nominated for three Grammys taking home two of them for Best Written Song and Best Compilation Soundtrack. The second movies soundtrack also received two Grammy nominations and was the first song from an animated movie to reach #1 since its predecessor.

Both Frozen and Frozen IIs soundtracks featured music written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez with scores composed by Christopher Beck. The husband and wife team went on to write music for the short film Frozen Fever as well as Frozens Broadway production adding new songs like Elsa soliloquy ballad Monster and the shows opening number Let the Sun Shine On. Between the two albums Frozen has a lot of songs to choose from. Still heres how the best songs from the franchise rank.The song Fixer Upper is sung when Kristoff brings Anna to his family of trolls in hopes that they can cure her of the injury Elsa inflicted. But the trolls take his and Annas friendship as a nod that they are romantically involved and therefore try to marry them together despite Anna being engaged to Hans. Anderson Lopez drew inspiration from her experiences when first dating her husband where she would tell her friends though she was in love with him he was unemployed and living with his parents declaring him a fixer upper. Fun fact in the Broadway production the line Are you holding back your fondness due to his unmanly blondness? was changed to Is his thick and curly black hair maybe throwing you off track there? as the actor who plays Kristoff onstage is typically African-American.

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