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Fifty Shades Actress Jennifer Ehle Incredible As Carla Steele

To celebrate the release of Fifty Shades we have a video from the DVD extras in which costars have praised the work of Jennifer Ehle for her performance of Anastacia Steeles mother Carla. Speaking in the clip director Sam TaylorJohnson says how she feels Jennifer Ehle is a phenonmenal actress and adds God I really hope I get to work with her in the future as she expressed her disappointment when the pair were previously unable to work together on other film projects.

A fan of method acting Jennifer would always try to be as present as possible during scenes that involved her if she was physically unable to attend them. Dakota Johnson says There were a lot of phone scenes we had in the movie and we would actually speak on the phone and when we were shooting my bits and she wasnt here so was at home in upstate New York and we would speak on the phone and it was so wonderful.

Jennifer Ehle herself talks about how those that dismiss the Fifty Shades books as just about sex should look for a deeper understanding in E. L. James novel. I think there is so much that is written about this story that is inaccurate because people want any excuse to write about sex and they dont necessarily have an understanding of the books or any interest in understanding them. Shes certainly a favourite on the Fifty Shades set with Dakota Johnson calling her so incredible. With the Fifty Shade sequel in production we look forward to seeing more of Carla Steele on our screens now we know shes such a movieset sweetheart.

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