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Fairy Tail’s Jim White Passes Away at 73

Today the voice acting community is mourning the loss of Jim White. The actor and radio host passed away on June 4th according to a tribute by the Dallas Morning News. White was 73 years old.According to the report White was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year prior to his death on June 4th. After being diagnosed in late April White was hospitalized shortly after.For those who do not know White by name you may recognize his voice from some of your favorite anime series. The actor most notably voiced Igneel and the narrator of Fairy Tail starting with season two. He also appeared in series like Attack on Titan: The Final Season Piece Black Clover Star Blazers 2202 and more.

White was also a well known radio host in the Dallas area. The actor did work as a morning news anchor between 1995 and 2004 before moving on to a food themed radio program where he won as Associated Press Broadcasters award.One awesome My Hero Academia fan is really going for the million with some awesome Mirio Togata cosplay. Mirio has been one of the most intriguing young heroes ever since he was introduced to Kohei Horikoshis original manga and anime franchise. Not only was he revealed to be the top student in U.A. Academy overall but he was also touted as the young hero closest to All Might and might even had obtained One For Alls power had Izuku Midoirya not entered the picture. But this was all before we got to see the hero fully in the thick of the action.

Mirio was by far the biggest point of interest during the fourth season of My Hero Academia and took a backseat in the rest of the series when he had lost his quirk. There were only brief glimpses into how Mirio felt about his lack of ability in the issues and episodes that followed but fans are hoping to see him in action in the anime again someday as the series heads into its future. My Hero Academia will be returning for Season 6 of the anime later this October as part of the Fall 2022 anime schedule. The series has yet to set an official release date for the new episodes just yet but it has been confirmed that it will be taking on the Paranormal Liberation Front War from Horikoshis original manga series. This arc introduced the biggest fight between the heroes and villains to date and there were some pretty huge surprises that fans of heroes like Mirio really want to keep an eye out for this Fall.

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