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Everything We Know About ‘Reacher’ Season 2

Lee Child, the author who dreamed up an enormous ex-military drifter named Jack Reacher, has published 26 novels in his ongoing thriller series since 1997, along with multiple short stories and novellas following his big, burly hero. With Reacher-like efficiency, he writes one a year. Reacher, Amazon’s new series inspired by the character’s travels, is based on the first book in the series, The Killing Floor. So, that means the show could potentially run for at least 25 years, right?

While we don’t know much about Reacher’s long term plans—after all, he typically just gets on a bus and goes somewhere new—we do know a bit about his future as a streaming phenomenon. After two (pretty solid!) movies starring Tom Cruise, Reacher has found a natural home at Amazon, the home to other airport novel adaptations like Bosch and Jack Ryan, and a natural star in Alan Ritchson, the burly actor filling in Reacher’s suspiciously unwrinkled T-shirts. Given the show’s warm reception from fans and reports of high ratings, it’s hardly surprising a second season has already been announced. Using our Reacher-esque detective skills, we’ve gathered everything we know about the show’s next season.

Is there going to be a Reacher Season 2?
Yes. On Monday, February 7, only days after premiering, Amazon announced that Reacher was renewed for a second season. Along with the announcement, Amazon said that the series, which was developed by writer Nick Santora (Scorpion), was in its top five most-watched shows ever in the US and globally over a 24-hour period. Basically, the Reacher fans saw the thumbnail of Ritchson on their screens and said, “Yes, more of that guy, please.”

When will Reacher Season 2 be released?
There’s no official release date for Reacher Season 2. But the speed of the renewal does give us hope that we won’t be waiting very long for more Reacher. Though some Amazon shows can take a long time between seasons, Bosch was always consistent in delivering a season every year, so hopefully Reacher takes a similar approach and we get the next adventure in 2023.

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