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DVD and Blu-ray releases this week: Morbius and more

There’s a great selection of movies and shows coming to DVD this week. Here are all the DVD and Blu-ray releases coming on Tuesday, June 14. While May was a quiet month, June is going to be a big one for DVD and Blu-ray releases. June 14 sees the release of 15 titles, and there really is something for everyone. One of the biggest releases is Morbius. This Sony Marvel movie brings to life the doctor-turned-vampire. All he wants is to cure a rare blood disorder, but it leads to him becoming an immortal being that feeds on blood. Is he willing to pay the price for health?

The Witches, Ragdoll, Ambulance and more
If you’re looking for something for the whole family, there are a couple of great options. The Witches is the big movie of the week. It’s a reboot of the original movie and the book the story is based on about a group of witches looking to get rid of children. Another great option for children is King Tweety. The story sees the queen of an island mysteriously disappearing. Tweety finds himself the next in line, and Slyvester finds his allegiances tested when he finds out there’s a threat against Tweety.

What about those who love thrillers? Ambulance is one of the latest movies heading to DVD and Blu-ray. If you want a gritty TV crime drama, Ragdoll Season 1 is the place to turn. When you want comedy, you’ll want to turn to Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 and Fatherhood.

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