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Christian Bale Is Marvel’s Best Villain Ever, According to Test Audiences

Set to release on July 8 Love and Thunder may be the next chapter of Thor Odinsons story but he would not be alone.

In fact Thor 4 boasts an Olympic-sized cast including Tessa Thompsons Valkyrie director Taika Waititis Korg the Guardians of the Galaxy and Natalie Portmans Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor. However when it comes to bringing the thunder it sounds like Thor and Jane may have competition courtesy of Christian Bales Gorr the God Butcher. In the months leading up to Thor 4s marketing campaign fans could only speculate about the Dark Knight actors MCU debut and his portrayal as the films murderous Gorr. Then, in Love and Thunders second trailer audiences finally got a glimpse of the actors take on the vengeful antagonist and from what the footage had to offer he did not disappoint.

Now just weeks away from Love and Thunders theatrical debut Marvel Studios is claiming that Gorr might be the MCUs best villain ever. In a video shared by Fandangos Erik Davis Thor Love and director Taika Waititi revealed Gorr the God Butcher played by Christian Bale is one of the most sympathetic villains they have had and according to audiences he has tested the highest of any Marvel villain to date. In the comics Gorr the God Butchers family all died horrific deaths despite his diligence in honoring the gods. After trying to convince his people to reject their deities he finds the Necrosword and launches a crusade to destroy the gods who failed him. If Thor 4 intends to keep Gorrs backstory he certainly has an understandable motive. Couple this character with a talent like Christian Bale and theres no wondering why test audiences already feel Gorr the God Butcher is Marvel Studios best baddie yet.

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