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Breaking Up Rey & Dominik Mysterio Would Be A Huge Mistake Right Now

Even if WWE is deadset on turning Dominik Mysterio into a singles star, it isn’t wise to split him up from his father Rey just yet.

It was recently rumored that the WWE father and son pairing of Rey and Dominik Mysterio may be coming to an end at some point in the near future. Ever since Dominik made his debut, he has been aligned with his father, and whilst the team hasn’t had the greatest of runs, it has still been fun at times, and it has no doubt served to benefit Dominik in many ways. Although there should be a focus on new and younger stars, now is the wrong time to split up this duo.Dominik Mysterio made his in-ring debut back at SummerSlam 2020, after becoming involved in the storyline between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins. His debut was a hit, even in the ThunderDome setting, and it seemed as though WWE had a brand-new young star on their hands. From there, it was clear that Dominik wasn’t an entirely polished performer, and he had a lot to learn. A big part of this is likely due to him bypassing NXT and heading straight to the main roster.

There is certainly potential when it comes to Dominik, and his in-ring skills are good, but they aren’t great just yet. Teaming up with his father has been a huge benefit thus far, as the tag team division has allowed him to not find himself isolated and vulnerable, with it managing to hide many of his detractions. This is often the best way for green talents to find success. For another recent example, Omos was made to look strong within a tag team alongside AJ Styles. However, since their team split, Omos has found himself on the receiving end of some criticism when it comes to in-ring quality, and a big part of that is due to being a singles star, with there being no place to hide his inexperience.

For Dominik, wrestling alongside Rey, who is a legend of the business, is a sure-fire way to ensure that he gets good reactions from the audience, due to Rey being someone who gets strong cheers 99% of the time. Being with a future Hall of Famer allows him to get a much-needed boost whenever he is on screen, and whilst Rey has never been a master of the microphone, he provides the experience that Dominik needs when it comes to storylines and promos.

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