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Andrew Garfield ‘Wasn’t Ready’ For ‘Spider-Man’ Fame

Andrew Garfield has been extremely busy in the past year. The actor worked on The Eyes of Tammy Faye and then earned his second Oscar nomination for his work on Tick Tick Boom.

In 2022 the actor returned to television with his latest project Under the Banner of Heaven. And who could forget the surprise appearance that the talented actor made in Spider Man No Way Home?Though Garfield has an impressive resume Peter Parker remains one of his most well known roles. The actor portrayed the superhero in the 2012 film The Amazing Spider Man. Two years later he reprised his role in the films sequel. The films made Garfield a household name and he experienced a very intense fandom. However the actor admits that he actually was not equipped to handle the level of fame he was experiencing at the time.

spider Man No Way Home has become one of the biggest films in MCU history thanks to its massive box office returns and its conflation of three trilogies of Spider Man films. When the movie was released in December it confirmed fans hopes and dreams of seeing three Spider Men on screen together and the love for Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield and Tom Hollands trio has only grown since.Marvel has certainly capitalized on that enthusiasm having since released marketing materials like posters and behind the scenes videos featuring the three Spider Man actors together. Spider Man No Way Home is even getting a re release in theaters with an extended cut that is said to include more scenes with the three Spideys.

Even though Spider Man No Way Home already had quite a full runtime of 148 minutes it seems there is still plenty that never made it into the film. A new pre-visualization reel for Spider Man: No Way Home has revealed a few sequences that did nOt make it into the final cut including some extra scenes with the three Spider-Men.

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