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Ana de Armas Is No Bond Girl in ‘No Time to Die’

With No Time to Die now streaming on Amazon Prime Video for no extra fee, now is the perfect time to look back at Ana de Armas as Paloma, who is not the stereotypical Bond girl.Hailed as Daniel Craig’s final appearance as James Bond and marking the 25th film in the 007 franchise, No Time to Die had a lot to live up to. When the film finally released after countless pandemic pushbacks, No Time to Die delivered on its promise and brought a lot to the table. A new 007 in Nomi Lashana Lynch a terrifying villain Safin Rami Malek and to s surprise a daughter that shares his unmistakable striking blue eyes.

But among the new plotlines bloodlines, and characters one key player stood above the rest. CIA agent Paloma played by Ana de Armas.First alluded to by Felix Leiter Jeffrey Wright as his CIA contact in Cuba Bond gets the chance to meet her in person when he arrives to crash a Spectre gathering. After only seeing brief footage of Paloma throughout the numerous trailers for the film it would be easy to assume Ana de Armas would portray the spy as a no nonsense badass with no time for fun and games. But from the moment we meet her in Cuba her bubbly persona is a pleasant surprise. She is overflowing with excitement as she eagerly tells Bond it is her first big mission. Her enthusiastic energy playing off Bonds usual cool and reserved demeanor only enhances her personality.

It might appear from de Armas glamorous appearance that she is just the new Bond girl for No Time to Die but Paloma quickly puts such thoughts to rest as she rejects Bonds advances and hands him a tux instead. Despite her limited screen time de Armas does monumental work to defy the Bond girl trope through her performance. After reiterating that she is new to the trade having only three weeks training, Paloma proceeds to mop the floor with a swarm of Spectre agents looking not even a little shaken or stirred afterward. Its a note to both viewers and Bond himself that effervescent personality aside Paloma is more than capable of holding her own.

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