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7 Best Parody Movies That Give the Original a Run for Their Money

Sometimes you have to make fun of yourself.Making a decent parody flick can be a tough gig. Its crucial to get right the jokes need to land without coming across as forced or cheap the film has to be enjoyable enough to land on its own two feet and the timing has to be right.We hsve seen enough of these movies over the years to know what sticks out and what will inevitably flop. Amongst the doozies is often a gem as rare as they can be. Though some have gone to create their own franchises theres nothing like the original and these parody flicks never miss.

Coming of age teen romantic dramedies are the foundation of 1980s to early 2000s cinema. Films of all varieties would all toss their names into the hat before pulling out a winner theres a quirky charm to the likes of cult classics Cruel Intentions Varsity Blues She has All That that cannot be ignored there always seems to be a fundamentally life changing undertone that threads through the narrative and we clutch onto them as if our lives depend on it. Nothing appeals to us more though than watching our favorite teen tropes merge into one and Not Another Teen Movie delivers the gift that keeps on giving.

If theres anything to take away from this parody its that Chris Evansand comedy go hand in hand like a fine wine and cheese night. The stereotypes are spot on with the cast playing into them with ease nothing really makes sense in the sort of movies they are setting out to mock and Not Another Teen Movie is constantly finding fresh ways to acknowledge this even going to the lengths of putting on a wacky albeit catchy musical number. It does not hold back in taking shots at clichés which makes the film so good to watch. There are plenty jokes that land without a hitch its genuinely funny something elevated by the on-the-nose humor.

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