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‘The Great Gatsby’: 1 Party Scene Would Cost $5 Million in Real Life

The 2013 blockbuster movie The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for 14 Academy Awards. The film is an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel of the same name.

Set on Long Island during the Roaring Twenties the movie tells the story of the fictional Jay Gatsby a selfmade millionaire who makes his fortune illegally selling alcohol during prohibition.

Known for his lavish lifestyle and wild excessive parties Gatsbys extraordinary event depicted in the film would cost around 5 million by todays standards.

According to Barrons Penta while writing his novel in 1923 Fitzgerald budgeted 100 a month for wild parties and another 80 a month for house liquor. While Gatsby the character he created spent much more on his lavish parties it was a good indicator of the dollars value. Now 100 years later that same 100 for wild parties is equivalent to 1720.89.

Karleen Roy an event planner and founder of The Vanity Group predicted that if the extravagant party depicted in the 2013 film was to be held today the bar bill alone would break the bank.

Roy explained that after paying for the venue for a starstudded event food and beverage are typically the most expensive part of the night. She estimates that in todays economy Gatsbys bar bill would run around 200000.

Since the party was filled with celebrities and members of high society the most expensive topshelf liquor package would be the obvious choice. And with champagne flowing and countless waiters carrying silver trays filled with drinks throughout the night the bar bill would add up quickly.

With hundreds of people in attendance at the open bar event the bar tab was undoubtedly a significant portion of the budget for The Great Gatsby party.

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