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Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire to lead coming-of-age movie

Schitts Creek star Emily Hampshire is filming a lead role in the coming age drama Bloody Hell.Schitts Creek favourite Emily Hampshire has found her next movie project.According to Deadline she has already shooting Bloody Hell in Canada alongside Maddie Ziegler West Side Story and director Molly McGlynn Mary Goes Round.

Described as a coming of age traumedy this one centres around 16 year old Lindy thats Ziegler who has unexpectedly diagnosed with a reproductive condition affecting her relationship with sex womanhood and even her mum Hampshire. Bloody Hell was inspired by McGlynns own personal journey after being diagnosed with MRKH Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser Syndrome in her teens.Addressing the decision to turn her experiences into a semi-autobiographical story the filmmaker commented It took me several years to scrape together the courage to write this script.I knew Maddie was the perfect person to capture the nuance and complexity of this confusing emotionally overwhelming and in hindsight absurd time in my adolescent life.

Supporting cast members include D Pharaoh Woon A Tai Reservation Dogs Ki Griffin Hollyoaks and Djouliet Amara Hello Goodbye and Everything in Between. Circling back to the world of Schitts Creek it seems inevitable that Hampshire will return as Stevie Budd sometime in the future despite the series no longer airing.Her co star Dan Levy recently teased of a movie spin off to People My hope is that one day we can all get together. I see these people all the time. We are in constant contact with each other. So the love is there. The desire to work together is there and the desire to tell more stories is there.I think it just comes down to making sure that its the right story to tell.Schitts Creek is streaming in its entirety on Netflix.

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