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Robert Downey Jr. Goes Viral With New Blue Hair Style

Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. may be done with the fantastic world of Marvel, but he has now gone viral for his fantastic choice of hair color.

Robert Downey Jr. may have left the world of Marvel behind since the death of Tony Stark in Avengers Endgame but the actor has been debuting his heroic new blue hairdo on his social media accounts causing the star to go viral. Downey Jr. is said to be heading back into another of his well known franchises Sherlock Holmes but it is clear that his new hairstyle has nothing to do with that upcoming role as the Arthur Conan Doyle detective and seems to be the actor in chilled out family mode, which no one can begrudge him.In a post on his Twitter and Instagram accounts Downey Jr. and his wife Susan celebrated their sons little league baseball team in a short video during which the Dr. Doolittle actor turned the camera on himself showing off a very short and very blue hairdo. This was followed by a photo of the couple together giving a better look at the style reminiscent of some of Downey Jr s older buzz cut looks but this is the first time he has decided to go quite so colorful.

In the post Downey Jr. commented Congrats are in order for the Malibu Little League 2022 AAA Champs. Big thanks to Coach Alfano Coach Sullivan and Coach Mark. Dodgers brought the heat Of course it ot take fans long to change the subject entirely to give their opinions on his new appearance and most of them seemed to be on board with blue.It has been over a decade since Robert Downey Jr. played Arthur Conan Doyles detective and obviously during that time he became better known as the founding father of the MCU and The Avengers but with that role behind him, Downey Jr. has clear plans to not only bring a new sequel to his version of Sherlock Holmes but expand it into its own universe.

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