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Rey Mysterio Is A Very Underrated Tag Team Wrestler

Rey Mysterio’s biggest successes might have come as the underdog singles star, but he is very underrated as a tag team wrestler.When you talk about overall influence in modern wrestling, very few have had more than Rey Mysterio. The masked superstar was an absolute trailblazer in the United States, carving out a name for himself during a time when size mattered a lot more than it does today.He would ultimately go on to capture the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship, something that would have been thought impossible for a performer of his size in years past. Thus, it is safe to say that Mysterio changed the game and opened up a lot of wrestlers, who would have been considered ‘undersized’ at one point in time.

While Mysterio enjoyed his greatest successes as the underdog singles star who managed to find a way past opponents much bigger than him, he also enjoyed tremendous success as a tag team wrestler. His work in that regard is very underrated when you think about it.While not often considered as one of the tag team specialists of his generation, largely thanks to never being part of one tag team for a long time, Mysterio held multiple Tag Team Championships during his time in both WWE and WCW.In WCW, Mysterio was part of the Filthy Animals stable, and it was the only time in his career that he played the role of a heel. During this run, he held tag team titles with a variety of partners, them being Billy Kidman, Konnan, and Juventud Guerrera. He would later rekindle his partnership with Kidman in the WWE, but they were not able to capture gold.

Mysterio did not have a lack of partners in the WWE either and would win tag team championships with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Batista, Edge, Rob Van Dam, and his son, Dominik.Mysterio might have eventually become a world championship level performer in the WWE, but that had not always been the case for the master of the 619. It looked like the company initially did not know what to do with someone the size of Mysterio.He was a part of the famous ‘SmackDown Six’ though, who would become known for stealing the show on WWE’s blue brand during the early 2000s. It was during this period of time that Mysterio would first team with Edge and the two would capture tag team gold together. That team was short-lived but soon, Mysterio would find himself teaming with Rob Van Dam and with gold around his waist once again.

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