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’Nothing else like it’ Tom Jones, 82, says performing on stage is ’closest thing to sex’

SIR TOM JONES compared his stage performances to making love in a recent interview.
Sir Tom Jones 82 has spoken up about performing on stage and compared the experience to having sex. The star became popular partially as a result of swivelling hips routine leading wild fans and throwing their knickers and bras at him.The singer has recently revealed that he was just as much in the moment as they were.He said being on stage was the highlight of his career and the best part. The Welsh performer added it was the closest thing to sex. He said Being on stage thats the fun part. Performing.All roads lead to the stage. Everything that I do helps to get the people in there so I can go on.

To be on the stage, giving it and receiving from the audience is a tremendous feeling.Theres nothing else like it – it’s like the closest thing to sex. When you are going up the steps onto the stage or just walking from the wings onto the stage its like the anticipation.He talked about the entire experience in relation to making love saying the comparison was uncanny. Its the build up before you make love. Then the coming down afterwards the relaxing part after you do the show the singer declared. He explained in an interview with the Broken Record podcast that he has the same feeling of euphoria after a show as he does after making love.Tom added If I go to dinner after I do the show the food tastes better the wine tastes better.Everything is better after that show.

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