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Nicole Kidman’s Favorite Hair Serum Works To Double the Density of Hair, So It’s No Wonder a Bottle Sells Every 22 Seconds

Nicole Kidman may as well have as many Oscars for her hair as she does for her acting—its that iconic. Whether shes rocking her natural curls or styling it in a sleek updo Kidmans hair is known for its epic seemingly effortless volume. But the actress has noted that over the years her strands have gone through a lot—and shes had to reexamine the type of hair products and formulas she uses. Which is what led her to discover Vegamour a plantbased haircare line known for its growthstimulating formulas.

After trying out various Vegamour goods Kidman according to a press release found her hair undeniably transformed. It became thicker fuller and noticeably less frizzy. Kidman was so impressed with Vegamour that she partnered with the brand. One of her alltime favorites The Gro Serum 58 which also happens to be the brands bestselling product. Sales skyrocketed during the beginning of the pandemic thanks to stressrelated hair loss but it continues to be a hot ticket item—bottles of this stuff sell every 22 seconds.

Gro Serum helps increase hair density and length while simultaneously reducing signs of hair loss by treating the scalp with powerful clinicallytested ingredients. What makes the serum so effective is that its formula is powered by potent allnatural ingredients. Theres mung bean which has hairhealthenriching minerals like zinc selenium silica iron and an entire alphabets worth of vitamins A B C B7 and K Curcumin which is derived from turmeric and loaded with antioxidants to combat freeradical damage And red clover which contains a flavonoid called isoflavones that has antimicrobial and antiinflammatory properties.

While more research certainly needs to be done these hair healthboosting ingredients get the signoff from derms. Theoretically curcumin helps to strengthen the follicle Mona Gohara MD a boardcertified dermatologist based in Connecticut previously told us. Rachel Nazarian MD a boardcertified dermatologist is on the same page previously saying Topical antioxidants and antiinflammatory ingredients such as those found in these products such as mung bean and curcumin have shown some benefit in calming inflammatory conditions related to hair loss.

Kidman isnt the only fan of Vegamour Gro Serum. Over 3000 shoppers have left reviews on the brands site most gushing about the impact the serum has had on their mane. One customer writes I cannot believe Im writing this review. I am here to tell you this stuff works. Like actually works. Most people would see my hair and think I had this gorgeous mane. But truth was it was so thin. After I had my second child…it just thinned out. Because my hair was so coarse and naturally curly I was able to make it look full. The problem was I had to keep cutting it short because once it grew out the thinner it would look. I started using this serum in Jan 2022. By April it was so full and gorgeous I could definitely tell a difference.

Not only does Gro Serum help encourage growth but it also nourishes follicles leaving them soft and shiny. Another shopper says I was skeptical but I needed to do something about my thinning hair After 2 and 12 months Im seeing noticeable changes. Not only do I see the new baby hairs coming in but my hair feels less oily and looks healthier

There are so many factors that come into play when we talk about hair density and hair loss genetics age hormones stresslevels etc. so no product is one size fits all. Nor is there overnight cure or solution. But Vegamours trusted ingredients can enhance hair health thereby boosting growth and density overall. Just an FYI—youll likely have to use the product for at least three months to see a difference all good things come to those who wait right.

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