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Jennifer Connelly compared us with mahira khan

Mahira Khan and Fahad Mustafa are already promoting QuaideAzam Zindabad which is due to be released on EidulAdha.
During one of her public appearances the Superstar actress discussed choosing lesser roles and likened herself to Jennifer Connelly.
On Thursday evening Fahad Mustafa and Mahira Khan attended the QuaideAzam Zindabad trailer premiere at the Arts Council.

The actors limited screentime in ShehreZaat came up. According to Nabeel Qureshi
Mahira has a pivotal role in the film. Shes a huge star and I dont think shed agree to work in a film that doesnt have a strong female character.

Thats when the Sadqay Tumhare actress revealed that she wouldnt mind playing a minor role in the appropriate film. The Humsafar actress then compared herself to Jennifer Connelly and Fahad Mustafa to Tom Cruise.

Youre wrong Nabeel. I would do a small role in a good film because I believe it is important to be a part of good films. So I hope I can be a Jennifer Connelly to my Tom Cruise.Mahira Khan shared how everyone carries the film together not just the actor playing the protagonist.

I had always thought of myself I carry my films. I carry them. I dont need anybody. And then I then thought thats the wrong way to think about it. I dont carry my films everyone carries that film. Together … This is what we were taught initially when we first came into the film industry. We all this generation were taught that YOU bring the box office numbers. I see Top Gun and I see Jennifer Connelly who is by far one of the best actresses in Hollywood.

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