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Kit Harington will play a violent gunrunner in Blood for Dust

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington Jon Snow has scored a role in a new action thriller according to Variety. Hell play a gunrunner named Ricky in Blood and Dust about a criminal partnership that goes out of control.

The lead character is Cliff Scoot McNairy a traveling salesman struggling to make a living. He used to be friends with a guy named Ricky Haringtons character who has gotten rich dealing in illegal weapons. After they reconnect one day the hardupforcash Cliff agrees to partner with Ricky who is expanding his gunrunning business to include crossstate deliveries on behalf of John Josh Lucas a midlevel cartel boss. Cliff agrees to retrofit his station wagon to carry dozens of kilos of drugs. Surely nothing could go wrong right?

But of course it does. Ricky ends up violently eliminating the competition and Cliff is suddenly in a lot deeper than he intended to be.

Blood for Dust is directed by Rod Blackhurst who sounds psyched about it. While Blood For Dust is a story born from the realities of our times its also a pulse pounding thriller about family pain greed mobile defibrillator units the American dream and its contradictions there he said. Im beyond grateful to be getting into the trenches alongside Scoot McNairy Kit Harington and Josh Lucas — all of them fathers like myself working to take care of our families while anxiously wondering what the future of our times has in store as we tell this parable of America.

Itll be fun to see Harington play a more violent ruthless character after watching him as Jon Snow — the moral center of Game of Thrones — for years. He can channel his inner Lannister for this one.

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