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Jeremy Clarkson Slammed Over Tweet: “Biggest PR Disaster”

After a tweet about a football match between Wales and Ukraine Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson has angered some of his followers. Last Sunday saw Wales beat Ukraine in the playoffs to qualify for the World Cup and while this would have been Ukraines first time in the finals since 1958 they werent able to get through.

A momentous win for sure but also the biggest PR disaster in Welsh history Clarkson tweeted to his almost 8 million followers.Referencing the war in Ukraine after Russia invaded the country he noted that it wasnt the best thing to do for the Wales teams PR.

Jog on. If you are English keep your comments to yourself said one follower. sic Another added Nah 64 years weve waited proud.Jeremy was keen to respond to these tweets saying Its just sad it had to be Ukraine. Well done though.One follower wrote a long response to the exTop Gear presenter

Youre joking Its a moment of pride in Welsh History.Calling it anything else is insulting. 64 years since the last WC so much work to get to this moment started under Gary Speed and the Welsh FA deserve a huge amount of respect. Get out of here with this nonsense.

Another follower joked however that everyone is now wanting the team to fail Indeed. Everyones going to want Wales to lose now… Except the Welsh.Hmm… Actually nothings really changed. sic

Captain of the team Gareth Bale wasnt worried thougho as he told Sky Sports The result is the greatest result in the history of Welsh football. Were ecstatic – were going to a World Cup.Im speechless. Were so happy. We did it for all our amazing fans and words cant describe how Im feeling at the moment.

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