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Jennifer Aniston Explains Why HBO Max’s Friends Reunion Was ‘So Creepy’

The cast of the classic 90s sitcom Friends thrilled fans last year when they got together for the first time on screen since the 2004 series finale for Friends The Reunion. There were some truly fun moments for fans — including a fashion show with celebrities like Cara Delevingne recreating some unforgettable wardrobe moments and Lady Gaga joining Lisa Kudrow to sing Smelly Cat. But going back to that set after 17 years also packed an emotional punch for the six actors and Jennifer Aniston explained what was so creepy about the experience.

Jennifer Aniston spoke to Sebastian Stan for Varietys Actors on Actors series where she talked about reuniting with Courteney Cox Lisa Kudrow David Schwimmer Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry at the front of the camera for the first time since Friends went off the air after ten seasons. When the Pam & Tommy actor asked Aniston what it was like to see everyone in that setting again she said it was emotional beyond what theyd anticipated

It must have been offputting to return to that set that was so preserved in time even though the actors had all gone on to other experiences — both good and bad — in the years that followed. Jennifer Aniston previously spoke about getting so emotional that she had to walk out and how the special made her feel a little melancholy when thinking about how young and optimism they were when the show ended in 2004. Despite all that she said she wouldnt change a lick of it

This nostalgic look at the past followed Jennifer Anistons recent comments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a guest on the final episode. The Rachel Green actress had been Ellen DeGeneres first interview 19 seasons ago and made frequent appearances on the show. The host asked the actress advice on how to handle the end of such a substantial era in her life Aniston gamely recalled that with the ending of Friends also came the end of her marriage to Brad Pitt so she dealt with it by starting therapy .

Friends The Reunion may have been more than the actors were ready for and even Courteney Cox has said theyre unlikely to do that again. Thats truly a shame for diehard fans but at least we can continue to rewatch the 10 seasons in syndication and on HBO Max. Be sure to check out some of the other best shows on HBO Max while youre at it

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