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Frozen 2’s Elemental Spirit Change Saved It From A Creepy Mistake

Frozen 2 went through a number of changes with its characters and one specific alteration saved the Disney film from a creepy mistake.

Disneys Frozen 2 went through several changes with its characters and one particular alteration saved the film from a creepy addition. Frozen 2 2019 was a wildly successful follow up to Disneys breakout 2013 hit. The sequel brought back fan favorite characters Elsa Idina Menzel Kristen Bell and Olaf Josh Gad for a new adventure to learn more about Elsas magic and the familys mysterious past. Oscar winning songwriters Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez also returned to deliver a Let It follow up with Elsas Into The Unknown. Though the Frozen 2 reviews were mixed the film surpassed sky high expectations bringing in around $1.5 billion at the box office.

In addition to the returning cast Frozen 2 brought in several new voices and characters. Evan Rachel Wood brings Queen Iduna to life and Alfred Molina lends his talents to King Agnarr. Additionally Elsa discovers the Northuldrans living in an Enchanted Forest north of Arendelle. These characters include Rachel Matthews Honeymaren and Jason Ritters Ryder. The film also has several non speaking elementals including Gale the Wind Spirit and Bruni the Fire Spirit.

Frozen 2 went through several changes during its development process including removing a disturbing feature from one character. In Disneys Art of Frozen 2 the filmmakers note that creating the Wind Spirit was an interesting challenge for the movie. Production Designer Michael Giaimo revealed that the wind almost had a unique look. When we first started designing the Wind Spirit we thought it might sometimes form an identifiable face but we moved away from that Giaimo said. The production designer added Its not anthropomorphic its nature. As a result the Frozen 2 creators saved the story from potentially weird scenes by getting away from the wind forming a face.

Giving the wind a face could have been bizarre. The Frozen 2 filmmakers put a lot of thought into portraying the elemental spirits. For instance Art of Frozen 2 explains the salamander is connected to fire in some European folklore. And the creatures name Bruni is an anagram for I Burn.” With that in mind it would be odd to anthropomorphize the wind and give it a solid looking form there could be the chance to cross over into the uncanny valley if its too human like. Clearly the filmmakers learned that quickly. Giving the wind a face could have been an odd distraction in the film at best and a creepy addition at worst.

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