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‘Dexter: New Blood’: Michael C. Hall Opened Up About How ‘Difficult’ It Was ‘Saying Goodbye to Dexter’

Michael C. Hall had a role to die for in the Showtime series Dexter. He portrayed the titular character Dexter Morgan a police department employee moonlighting as a serial killer. His reign of came to an end in the revival series Dexter: New Blood when he was shot and killed bringing an end to the character Hall spent more than a decade playing.Hall spoke about the experience of filming Dexters death during a panel discussion ahead of the Emmys. He recalled how heavy it was on him emotionally

It was cathartic he said of filming the scene, in a video reposted by the fan page Dexter Daily. It was strange because we block shot it. We had to do all of the exterior stuff first before the snow melted so we shot this relatively early. Day 13. So we finished and I thought Ah did it. And then it was like No we got about 100 more days But it was heavy he continued. It was wild it was difficult to put into words um saying goodbye to him even though I was at the front end of shooting it. You know he has a guy I have been preoccupied with and carrying around for a long time so it was heavy.Dexter New Blood ultimately ended with Dexter being shot and killed by his son Harrison Morgan after Harrison discovered the truth about his father. He then escaped town with the help of Dexters police chief girlfriend Angela Bishop who ultimately staged the incident as an officer involved shooting.

Although the ending concludes Dexters story some have wondered about a possible show continuation built around Harrison. So far Showtime has not announced an official decision but many cast and crew members have shared their interest in the idea including the man who plays Harrison.Yeah I would Jack Alcott told Gold Derby when asked whether he would do a Harrison spinoff. Oh my gosh I mean that would be I have never gotten to live in a character this complex for this long. To kind of live in a character for six months and not only live in a character for six months but to be discovering new pieces about him every day and do something you have never done before and getting further and further mapped out I think that would be great.

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