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Chris Evans in awe of Shakira: She’s too good

Shakiras split from footballer Gerard Pique has been the hot topic of the week and it didnt slip the medias attention when she followed a few new accounts on social media including actor Chris Evans.The 40yearold from Boston was even asked about the inevitable rumors that abounded from the highprofile mutual follow.

The US actor however confirmed that he has never met the Colombian superstar although he does have a lot of admiration for her.I have never met her but I am a big fan said Evans.Evans was then asked if he would feature in one of Shakiras videos and move his hips.

Oh God I would too embarrassed standing next to her shes too good.A week ago Shakira confirmed her split from Barcelona star Pique and since then rumours have abounded. It seems theres nothing in the Evans talk though at least for now.

The Blaugrana defender is said to have moved out of the family home and reports suggest he has been staying in a bachelor pad for weeks.Few further details are known for certain about the situation but there has been much speculation about possible affairs and infidelity allegedly on the part of Pique.

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