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After a Whirlwind Couple of Years, Andrew Garfield Is Looking at the Big Picture

The Under the Banner of Heaven star pauses to reflect on his recent work from Tick Tick Boom to yes his supersecret Spider Man cameo.

Andrew Garfield pops onto our video call for an interview for Little Gold Men casually I have just been in life so you are just kind of catching me midlife. After working almost nonstop for the past couple of years going from shooting Tick Tick…Boom! to filming his ultra top secret role in Spider Man No Way Home to spending almost six months working on Under the Banner of Heaven to making it through a very busy and long Oscar season as a nominee the 38 year old actor is enjoying his first long break in between a few press interviews that is hiding out in Malibu for a little while where he can finally unwind.

It may not last long however as his work on Under the Banner of Heaven which can be seen exclusively on Hulu has brought him back into the awards conversation and possibly on his way to his first Emmy nomination. In the seven episode miniseries created by Dustin Lance Black and adapted from Jon Krakauers best seller Garfield plays Jeb Pyre a Mormon detective whose own faith falters as he investigates the murder of a Mormon mother and her baby at the hands of extremists from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Its as he calls it, a slow burn of a role as Pyres emotions are often revealed by the most subtle of looks leaving Garfield responsible for showing all the turmoil thats brewing below the surface.

Responsibility seems to be something the actor thinks a great deal about, whether it was making sure he spoke to as many Mormons and ex-Mormons as he could about their perspectives about the Church or thinking more deeply about what bigger topics his current projects allow him to discuss. Or even what his next steps will be. But for now he has focused on sitting with the unknown. That feels like a very vulnerable place to be because we are taught that we always have to have some kind of knowing about where we are supposed to be walking and how we are supposed to be living he says. But then once you fall into the not knowing and you allow yourself to be in the not knowing thats when deeper images come thats when deeper ideas come and something more sincere might emerge.

Listen to the interview with Andrew Garfield on this weeks Little Gold Men which also includes a conversation with Euphoria star Maude Apatow. You can also read a partial transcript of the interview below. Subscribe to Little Gold Men on Apple Podcasts or anywhere else you get your podcasts.Andrew Garfield: I had read John Krakauuers book when it first came out and I found it just very very interesting. And how he so elegantly and fascinatingly connected the founding of a kind of newish religion of Mormonism with this terribly gruesome ego driven murder that occurred in the Mormon community in the eighties. The writing is so marvelous and his way of connecting these unseen threads was just astounding to me.

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